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Thinking of registering or incorporating a company in Florida, United States? At Glades Business Services, we help you"

We are the firm that has assisted many to fulfill their dream of having a properly incorporated company in Florida. If you are interested in investing in a real estate business through a corporate figure in Florida, you are in the right place.

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The peace of mind of being in good hands

Glades Business Services, a company belonging to the group of companies that make up Taurizano Corp., is directed by Ma. Andrea Ardizonni who for years has earned the trust of clients in search of investment opportunities in the United States, more specifically in South Florida.

Why Glades?

Here we present the reasons why Glades is your best alternative

Aquí te presentamos las razones por las que Glades Business Services, es tu mejor alternativa.

Our Clients come to us looking for a safe way to protect their assets and protect their investment. At Glades Business Services we understand your concerns, doubts and fears. Our experience allows us to answer your questions and clarify your doubts. Investing always represents a risk, but from our hand it will be easier to understand them and make the right decisions.

With years of experience in the corporate real estate investment market and more than a hundred consultancies offered to investors, both national and foreign, especially from Latin America, Glades Business Services has helped its clients to successfully identify and materialize the businesses they have requested.

Gloria and Mateo Lumbordino
Gloria and Mateo Lumbordino

Cordoba, Argentina

We have used Glades Business Services for the last few years and everything has gone perfectly. Communication with them is excellent and they are promptly replenished

Matias Campuzano
Matias Campuzano

Buenos Aires, Argentina

He was referred to Glades by a married friend who purchased property in Florida and went through the entire process of incorporating an LLC. I value a lot

Antonio Campos
Antonio Campos

Bogota Colombia

Having the facility to receive all my legal correspondence under their Registered Agent services is one of the services I value most about Glades.


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